Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Business: 8 Reasons


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Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Business: 8 Reasons

Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Business 8 Reasons

Instagram has come a long way from being merely a photo-sharing platform. It has evolved into a space that has opened doors to a myriad of opportunities for brands, influencers, and businesses alike. It’s similar to a stage where brands can showcase their capabilities, connect with like-minded people, and create a lasting impact on their audience.

Among all other social media networks, Instagram is one of the most pragmatic ones with its diverse set of creative tools and insights to empower brands. This article sheds light on how Instagram helps small businesses and why it is necessary for your business to be on Instagram too.

8 Reasons to Have Your Business on Instagram


Although there is no reason for your brand to not be on Instagram, here are 8 big reasons why your brand must be out and about on Instagram. Read further to find out more below.

1. Facilitate Customers Searching for Your Business

There is a great chance for anyone who has ever interacted with your business in one way or the other to look for your business online. They might search for your brand name, category, relevant hashtags, or keywords. If they don’t find any hint of your online presence, you are missing out on huge opportunities for connecting with your audience.

Being on social media is a game changer for businesses, no matter how big or small. Seemingly trivial things such as showcasing your product lineup, answering customers’ queries, addressing their concerns, and resolving their issues through your socials can considerably add to your growth potential. The thing about social networks is that, unlike traditional media, they have opened doors to two-way communication between consumers and brands. This has made things way more convenient for both parties. Many small businesses are running and have budded entirely out of social channels such as Instagram.

With more than 200 million businesses operating on Instagram, it is evident that this platform is worth investing your efforts in. So if you haven’t created an Instagram account for your business yet, you should definitely start working on it now.

2. Build A Brand Identity

A visual-centric platform like Instagram offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to establish a strong brand identity. Don’t underestimate the power of aesthetic brand visuals. A robust visual blueprint has the power to emphasize your communication and convert your profile visitors into loyal customers.

A well-curated Instagram feed gives an impactful impression of your brand’s personality. It offers customers a glimpse into the essence of your brand, with each post contributing to the narrative of your brand.

Apart from visuals, verbal communication, and tonality also play a role in building a distinctive brand identity. According to the type of your brand and what you want to communicate to your audience, you can come up with creative messaging strategies combined with powerful visuals. Whatever the vibe it is you want to get across, whether it’s minimalistic, professional, funky, or lively, make sure everything about it is well-balanced. Each detail should complement other elements and give a coherent feel overall.

3. Reach A Wider Audience

Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users belonging to diverse backgrounds and age groups. This provides businesses with a golden opportunity to reach their potential customers in one place. The way Instagram has evolved over time from being a photo-sharing app to becoming the hub of influencer marketing has opened new avenues for businesses to grow.

70% of buyers look for new purchase inspirations and recommendations on Instagram. This statistic is a testament to the fact that Instagram plays a pivotal role in shaping consumers’ purchase decisions.

By leveraging the impact of appropriate keywords and hashtags, you can use the platform to get your message across to a large number of people. This will allow more people to get to know about your business and the products and services it provides.

4. Generate More Sales

By reaching a wider audience, you get the opportunity to generate more leads, conversions, and eventually sales. Get creative with content creation to exhibit your products. Through captivating content, you can drive traffic towards your business website as well.

Use Instagram as a medium to keep your audience updated about new offers, product launches, and sales. Integrate interactive elements in your Instagram stories such as conversation starters, quizzes, polls, gifs, and stickers to prompt the viewers to respond and engage with your business.

Being on Instagram lets you get discovered by your target audience conveniently. So make sure you make them feel that they are in the right place when they are visiting your profile. If there is something that puts them off, you will lose the opportunity to sell to your potential customers. On this note, don’t come across as too imposing or salesy in your communication. Instead, focus on creating content that hits the right spot.

5. Collaborative Opportunities

A platform like Instagram that fosters creativity offers a plethora of collaborative opportunities for both businesses and content creators. The rise of influencer marketing has led to a revolution in the field of marketing. It has transformed how word of mouth was perceived previously. Businesses leverage the power of electronic word of mouth to raise brand awareness and boost their sales.

According to a study, Instagram marketers were found to spend 69% of their marketing budgets on influencer marketing on Instagram in 2023. Partnering with influencers is a proven strategy for growing your business on Instagram. It allows you to reach your target audience expediently. It is not necessary to collaborate with influencers with a larger following always. You can achieve your marketing goals by collaborating with micro and nano influencers as well without exceeding your budget.

It’s always a better idea to look for influencers who are working within your niche. This assures that a considerable percentage of their following would fall in your target audience. So you are more likely to enhance the effectiveness of your partnership and drive more conversions by targeting the right people.

6. Interacting With Your Audience

Instagram, along with other social platforms allows businesses to interact with their customers one to one. The advent of social platforms has made it easier for businesses to form long-lasting relations with their customers. Previously, they had to rely on traditional media channels to disseminate promotional messages which were essentially one-way.

Creating a business account on Instagram is not just about promoting your brand. It’s more about engaging with your audience and connecting with them beyond marketing objectives. Through your content, encourage them to engage with your brand and think of it as more than a product or service.

Most people undervalue the power of interacting with the audience on Instagram through stories, comments, or messages. When your followers feel heard, they are highly likely to start valuing your business more. They will engage with your posts, purchase from you, and spread good reviews about your business.

What really pays off on social media is building a community of loyal followers who trust you enough. Building further on this trust converts loyal customers into brand advocates who are ready to defend you behind your back anytime.

7. Competition Analysis

Another benefit of using Instagram for business is that you get to see what your competitors are up to. You observe the kind of content they are posting, the hashtags they are using, and the strategies they are employing to keep their audience engaged. It’s not supposed to be copied but it’s good to learn, analyze, and get inspired by your competitors to do better.

Competitor analysis can help you identify the gaps in the industry overall as well as in your own approaches. It also helps you find out more about your target audience’s interests, preferences, behavior patterns, and pain points by watching how they interact with competitors’ content. You get the chance to avail the opportunities they have missed to differentiate your brand from the crowd. Learn from their failures to avoid making the same mistakes in your strategies.

It’s important to stay up to date with your competitors’ moves along with emerging trends to stay on top of the game. This will save you a lot of time, effort, money, and frustration in the long term.

8. Instagram Insights

One of the most essential reasons for being on Instagram is the tools and analytics you get access to on a professional account. The insights help businesses of all sizes understand their target audience, track their performance, and optimize their strategies.

Instagram analytics provide data related to the audience of your business page. This could include their demographics, interests, and activity patterns. Using this data, you can create content that resonates with your audience to boost their engagement.

You can track the performance of your posts over a particular span of time. Performance is measured through metrics such as impressions, likes, comments, reach, and click-through rates. This helps you identify what type of content is appreciated by the audience so you can create more along the same lines.

Through these analytics, you can measure the performance of your campaigns in a quantified form. They will help you identify the loopholes in your content strategy so you can overcome them and optimize your blueprint for better performance.

Final Notes

Instagram has proved to be a powerful platform for businesses of all sizes to build their brand awareness, reach potential consumers, and boost sales. Not having a profile for your business on Instagram is a huge loss of opportunities in terms of reach, sales, and visibility. Instagram allows you to build a brand identity out of scratch, reach a wider audience, generate more sales, connect with your audience, and use analytics to flourish. There is no reason your business shouldn’t be on Instagram.

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