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New WhatsApp Features to Launch in 2024: Introducing Companion Mode, Business Directory, View Once Text, and More

New WhatsApp Features to Launch in 2024

WhatsApp is a global source of communication that has over 2.78 billion monthly active users and an exchange of 140 billion active messages each day. This immensely popular platform has introduced a handful of new features each year to make it more user-friendly. This year, in 2024, WhatsApp enhanced its version with exciting new features and a new interface for Android, IOs, desktops, and other devices. Let’s take a look at the new features launched in 2024 and those that are projected to be released.

What are The Latest Features of WhatsApp?

Edit WhatsApp Chat

Edit Whatsapp chat

Users can now edit their messages by instantly sending them within 15 minutes. This is probably one of the best new WhatsApp features unveiled.

Previously, WhatsApp options only allowed you to delete the message for yourself or for everyone. But now, modified messages will have the word “edited” next to them to let the recipients know that the sender made changes to the text. However, the receiver will not be given access to the altered message’s history. Modifications to these messages will be protected with end-to-end encryption, similar to that used for private calls, media, and texts.
Here’s how you can do it:

  • Long press the text that you want to edit.
  • Select the edit from the menu.
  • Edit your text and send it.

In this way, you can have more control over your chats, and whether a simple misspelling or adding extra text is now up to you.

Chat Lock

Chat Lock

WhatsApp updated its 2024 features, including a “Chat Lock”, which enables users to hide their private chats within a hidden folder that can only be accessible using their password or biometric authentication. This hidden folder is located inside the chat of each individual or group. You just have to enable the “Chat Lock” option in the menu.

You can access your hidden chat by pulling down WhatsApp’s inbox, and you can find it above the ”Archive” option. This feature will prevent your chat notification from appearing on the screen.

Further, new updates will be introduced with additional chat lock subfeatures that can ensure more security and privacy with the chats. Users will be able to use them to lock chats on companion devices and assign chat passwords that aren’t required to match the device default, as shared by the official WhatsApp blog.

Admins Can Control Who Can Join Group

Admins Can Control Who Can Join Group

WhatsApp’s new updated feature added another secure element to its security that group admins will have more control over the privacy settings in communities. With the latest upgrade, administrators may now control who can join community groups, which are bigger than regular groups and don’t have any limits to the number of people.

“An admin now has more control over who can join when they choose to share their group’s invite link or make their group joinable in a community,” WhatsApp stated in a blog post.

Communities have grown to the point where you can now know which groups someone else belongs to. To learn who your groups have in common, just type their names into the search bar. This is indeed a great feature to make the chat more secure and independent.

Status Features

Status Features

WhatsApp has now launched a series of new updates to its Status features. These included link previews, voice status, status reactions, status profile rings, and private audience selectors. In this way, users can adjust the parameters for each state and share their status with selected contacts using the private audience selection.

Additionally, users will be able to record and post voice messages on status for up to 30 seconds. Users can also choose one of the eight built-in emojis by swiping up on the status screen to react quickly to updates. The feature is an addition to the existing reply options, which include stickers, voice messages, and text messages, among others.

A ring will show around a user’s profile image whenever they post a status. Through this, people who have the user in their contact list will be informed whenever a new status is submitted.

Links uploaded in status updates will have visual previews available so that contacts may see what the link will look like before clicking on it. You can now also edit your photos or videos and add an attachment to share your document or link to it.

View Once


This feature ensures more privacy and security for users when they don’t want others to save their pictures or videos. It is now no longer possible for people to take screenshots because it can never open again. Whenever a user tries to take a screenshot, a popup shows “Screenshot Blocked” to let the user know that they can’t invade this privacy.

This feature was initially tested in beta form in October 2022, the new feature is now more readily accessible on iOS and Android. View once media cannot be stored in the recipient’s photos or gallery. The information can only be viewed once and cannot be saved, starred, or shared, as the name implies. If it has been 14 days since you last saw the media, it is deleted from chat. The message can be restored from the backup if the ‘View Once’ message is backed up while it is still unopened.

WhatsApp cautions users, however, to only send ‘View Once’ messages to people they can trust because older versions of the app do not support screenshot blocking. A camera or other device can be used to take a picture or record a video of ‘View Once’ media.

Video Mode

video mode

WhatsApp updated the internal camera interface and added a separate video mode to make it easier for users to take pictures and videos. In the past, users had to press and hold the camera shutter button in order to record a video.

With the new user interface, users may now choose to make videos using the video option exactly like they would with a phone’s built-in camera app. Currently, Version of Android supports the dedicated video mode.

Companion Mode

Companion Mode

It is a relatively new feature that allows you to use your WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously. Each of these updates has its own best features. This means you can access your chats, calls, and media on several devices without needing to log out or log in to each one.

It has been added to the numerous new upgrades that the year 2024 has brought. This mode even made it possible for users to use the same WhatsApp both on Android and iOS at the same time with two completely different devices logged on.

Messages and media automatically sync across all linked devices, so you can pick up conversations wherever you left off. But there are some limitations, like that calls can be initiated from the primary phone, and features like live location and disappearing messages might not work consistently across devices.

Silence Unknown Callers


WhatsApp added another great feature for people who don’t feel secure with unknown calls. Users of WhatsApp can now silence calls by turning on a feature in the privacy settings of the application. If you prefer not to receive calls from unlisted or unsaved mobile numbers, this option may be useful. Here’s how you can turn on this feature:

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Click on Privacy.
  • Click on Calls.
  • Enable “Silence Unknown Callers”

This version is available for both iOS and Android and is very easy to use. You’ll still see silenced calls from unknown callers in the cells tab and notifications, but your phone won’t ring. If you call or message the silenced caller, you won’t be able to silence their calls in the future. However, you can block them anyway.

Share HD Images

This has been an issue since the beginning and sending images through WhatsApp can damage the picture quality due to compression. But not anymore, because WhatsApp has launched a new exclusive feature for its users to send high-quality HD images by just selecting the “HD” button from the top of the screen when sending an image.

Tapping the HD button allows you to choose between standard quality and HD quality. HD images have a higher resolution and appear sharper and clearer than standard-quality images. However, HD images are also larger in file size, so they may take longer to send and receive.

Whatsapp Channels


WhatsApp Channels is a brand-new feature through which users may access information that has been carefully selected from a variety of themes, topics, and categories. The channel’s admins can post messages, images, videos, stickers, and other content to the channel, which will be broadcast to all members, just like Telegram channels.

In this way, users can receive updates from all over the world on their favorite subjects based on their interests. This update is now available all over the world.

Add Contacts in WhatsApp

When you receive a mobile number on WhatsApp and want to store it as a contact, the app directs you to the contacts app on your phone, where you are prompted to enter the necessary information, including your name and email address. This has changed because WhatsApp added a brand-new menu to save and edit new contacts directly from the app, which made it easier for users to access it directly. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the desired chat window for whom you want to save.
  • Click on the number.
  • Here you will see the option “Add to Contacts”.
  • You can save the number with the name, and it will be directly saved in your phone book.

Screen Sharing

Another significant feature from Zoom and Google Meet has been added to WhatsApp. As the name indicates, this feature enables users to share their phone’s screen with others during a live call.

It is now much simpler to chat over a call and discuss things with on-screen meetings or assignments without sending any pictures, all thanks to these WhatsApp new features. Screen-sharing is now available on the WhatsApp beta software for Android.

Keep in Chat

The Keep in Chat feature is an expansion of this feature. The function not only allows the sender to save their messages but also alerts them when a message has been saved by the recipient. Additionally, it gives the sender control over whether and how long the recipient may keep the message. The sender will have complete control over the message conveyed in this manner.

Users can view texts organized by chat in the Kept Messages folder by clicking on the bookmark icon that serves as a reminder of the stored message.

Pinned Messages

Pinned messages are a relatively new feature on WhatsApp that allows users to highlight important messages in both individual and group chats. It was rolled out in December 2023 for Android, iPhone, and Web/Desktop versions.

You can open a chat and locate the message you want to pin by tapping on the “Pin” option while long-pressing the text. You can choose to pin the message for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Pinned messages will appear at the top of the chat, making them easy to find and refer to later.

Whatsapp Screen Lock Desktop

WhatsApp desktop has a screen lock feature that allows you to secure your messages when you’re not actively using the app. This feature was introduced in a beta update in late 2023 and became widely available to all users in January 2024.

Click on the three-dot menu select settings, select Privacy, and toggle the switch next to on. Set your password, and you are done. On Android, you can use fingerprint lock, while on iOS, you can use Touch ID or Face ID.

Share Status on Facebook with Linking

To share your status, you will need to verify your Facebook account on WhatsApp before you can allow the sharing of your WhatsApp status on Facebook stories.

You can make a status update and decide whether to share it on your Facebook story once you have confirmed your account. You may post your WhatsApp status updates to Facebook Stories and other apps on Android and iPhone.

WhatsApp Polls

WhatsApp polls are a handy feature for getting quick and easy feedback from individuals or groups. Polls are a simple way to ask questions and get real-time answers in a group chat. Click on the attachment in the chat, and there you can see a “Poll.” Ask questions and enter your poll options. You can also change the position of your options by sliding them up and down.

By default, users can choose multiple options, based on their choice. You can change the settings by turning off the “allow multiple answers” toggle and then clicking next to create your poll.

Generate AI image in Chat

In your WhatsApp conversations, you may use Meta AI to create images. With the use of a Meta service, artificial intelligence (AI) on WhatsApp creates AI graphics based on your prompt.

Note: This feature is currently available in limited countries.

New Layout

You might have noticed that WhatsApp has made visible changes to its interface that enhance the user experience and make it more accessible to users. Here are a few changes in Android:

  • Dark or whiter mode
  • Spacing
  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Android Navigation
  • Icons and Buttons

Here are a few changes on iOS:

  • Colors
  • Icons and Buttons
  • Spacing

Everyone will receive this latest update, and you can see some of them. Others will be available once they are ready to launch. Use the latest version for a seamless experience.


WhatsApp is undergoing several updates to keep up with user trends and provide the finest texting experience on this messaging platform. The users will be introduced to enhanced versions of current features as well as some new ones as a result of these updates.

End-to-end encryption serves as the cornerstone for guaranteeing the security of your calls and messages. With time, WhatsApp’s new update continues to provide additional layers of privacy on top of an improved user interface.

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