TikTok Shadowban: What it is and How to Resolve the Concern?


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TikTok Shadow Ban: What it is and How to Resolve the Concern?

TikTok Shadow Ban - What it is and How to Resolve the Concern

Did you notice a significant drop in engagement metrics lately? If yes, this could be the result of the shadowban on TikTok. The thing is, despite all the odds, you can still choose to stay away from the unfortunate drop in sales and leads. To avoid that, you must know everything around and about TikTok Shadowban.

It will help you maintain the business matters as well as keeping up with the audience. Not just that, if you are shadowbanned, the credibility loses instantly. So, to keep the game going while being connected with the audience, it is imperative not to let Shadowban come and ruin everything on the TikTok profile.

That’s why we have decided to help you know about TikTok Shadowban in detail. Let’s see what is covered in this blog.

Shadowban: Why is it Bad for Your TikTok Social Presence?

Before we delve into the importance of staying away from shadowbanning on TikTok. It is quite imperative to understand TikTok dynamics. For that, you and I have to see what exactly TikTok shadowban means.

Well, shadowban on TikTok means the account is, without any apparent reason, either temporarily or permanently blocked. So, if and when you are shadowbanned on TikTok, your profile will disappear from the search engine (of TikTok). Your content is not seen on the “For You” page (which works like the “Explore page” of YouTube).

Is that it? No! Even the profile stops increasing or showing engagement metrics on the content. Yes, there will be a crazy decrease in comments, likes, and views. That’s saddening to even know about, right?

Here, we have another question to answer, though….

Why Does TikTok Shadowban?

Well, you see, there are no hard and fast reasons. But yes, we don’t bring the wrath of losing sales or leads for business by inflicting anything, right? So, please know and understand you get TikTok shadowbanned by TikTok. In other words, it is a process that happens without any heads-up or warning. Instead, it just happens through TikTok’s algorithms.

However, the sweet spot of TikTok shadowban is to protect the following areas on your TikTok profile.

  1. Copyrights of other TikTok users
  2. Threats given or received from and on your account
  3. Spammy activity from your account
  4. Inappropriate or misleading content shared on your TikTok account

Bottom Line: Shadowbanning is an act from TikTok algorithms to remove your account from any of the above mentioned areas. This, however, impacts the reach, visibility, searchability, and overall growth of the account.

How to Figure Out if You are Shadowbanned on TikTok?

There are several ways to figure out if you are shadowbanned on TikTok. For example, the engagement metrics go down (decreases significantly), the content is not seen on the “For You” page, searchability becomes zero all of a sudden, and most unfortunately, you are not able to share content on your TikTok account.

Let’s discuss these points in detail.

Way #1: Significant Decrease in Engagement Metrics

As mentioned above, a decrease in the number of comments, likes, views, etc., decreases considerably. Actually, to be honest, it is acceptable to have a curvy graph for your engagement metrics. But it is a matter of concern if the graph had always been up in the recent past, and suddenly, you notice nothing but a decline overall.

Way #2: Your Account Disappears from Searches

Naturally, when there is a decrease in engagement rate, the visibility prospects diminish too. That further worsens the profile because your content or profile is not searchable. It clearly means your content or profile will not appear in the search bar, even after searching for the hashtags you were using. So, the best way to check if you are shadowbanned on TikTok is by asking someone to see specific hashtags. If the search results don’t show your profile or content, know you are shadowbanned.

Way #3: You are Unable to Share Videos on your Profile

Sadly, when TikTok shadowbans your profile, you will not be able to upload new videos. However, there could be a glitch from the TikTok side, or the internet might act up, too. Keeping that space in mind, check the profile after some time. Yes, again. But if you are still unable to share videos or any content with the audience, understand your account is shadowbanned.

Why Does TikTok Shadowbans Any Account?

Why Does TikTok Shadowbans Any Account

Now comes the main question, or rather a question that almost everyone who gets shadowbanned asks. What you need to know is TikTok shadowbans for some reasons which are already discussed above. Here, in this section, we will discuss further reasons so that you can avoid these happenings under all the circumstances.

Let’s get to the point and learn more reasons for the shadowban on TikTok.

Cause #1: Your Behavior is Spammy on TikTok

Okay, so it has more to do with behaving in a way acceptable to TikTok. It is not something new because almost every social media platform or application demands users to consider policies and terms before making use of the place, the digital space. Okay, so when it comes to TikTok, primarily, people who act in a weird spammy, or scammy way are the victims of TikTok shadowban.

So, what is considered spammy? Well, it is when you act inauthentic or fishy. Anything that makes the TikTok algorithm think you are a bot (by following more than 10 accounts at once) or start commenting without stopping will shadowban you immediately.

TikTok shadowbans profiles which seem fake. It is because TikTok has guidelines not to interact or engage with fake profiles, as it may sometimes become misleading and harmful.

Cause #2: The TikTok Account is Accidently Shadowbanned

All right, this is one of the least common reasons or causes of TikTok shadowban. Mostly TikTok bans someone permanently or temporarily intentionally. But there are examples from the past where TikTok shadowbanned profiled unintentionally as a glitch in the system. To say the least, when the system isn’t functioning the way it should, TikTok shadowbans and then apologizes to the users. Other times, TikTok mistakenly red-flags your content. Yes, even though the content is right within the boundaries of guidelines.

Cause #3: Violation of TikTok Guides

Violation of the community guidelines is the biggest reason for the TikTok shadowban. In general, several types of violations have the potential of permanent or temporary shadowban.

Let’s check those out.

1. Showing Hatred and Being Racist

TikTok doesn’t care who posts or hates comments; the app just shadowbans instantly where certain words are traced. It also pays zero heed to hate speech, discrimination, ideology based on hatred, etc. So, to avoid any shadowban on TikTok, it is best to avoid anything that may include negativity or hostility.

2. Display of Extremism

Likewise, any comment or activity that promotes extremism (threats and violence of any sort) calls for a permanent shadowban on TikTok. Furthermore, content containing organizations’ content that only supports extremist violence is easily shadowbanned. Interestingly, you will only know what actually went right if your personality is inclined towards extremism. It means you will just be yourself, and the affliction will become harmful to your TikTok profile.

3. Harassing TikTok Users in Different Ways

Interestingly, TikTok prohibits anyone from promoting or implementing harassment, shaming, or bullying. It has zero tolerance for such behavior. That’s why whenever a user flags a comment for these three reasons, TikTok shadowbans the commenter’s profile. Abuse, threats, and harassment can’t be your way of talking on TikTok, at least.

4. Challenging Dangerous and Harmful Stunts

The audience of TikTok is mainly teenagers who are full of stunts and dangerous challenges. Interestingly, TikTok doesn’t allow normalizing or promoting any dangerous act that usually results in a severe or fatal injury. Likewise, when it comes to influencers and famous brands, they take care while creating content and don’t fall prey to shadowbanning on TikTok. But yes, if you are using such challenging posts and content or making anything that violates the terms of use or community guidelines, please brace for getting shadowbanned on TikTok.

5. Breaching Copyrights

As soon as you infringe copyrights, the content on your profile is ready to get shadowbanned. However, it is not that TikTok will warn you for not using other’s property on TikTok. It will take a sweet moment to do the needful – shadowbanned TikTok. So, are you considering “what is included in the copyrights?” Let us inform you if it includes trademarks or any other kind of intellectual property. However, when it comes to using “TikTok stitches” or “TikTok duets,” two of the most exciting features of the application, it is a must to add original content. Otherwise, reposting someone else’s content will result in TikTok shadowban.

6. Sharing Adult Content

For all the right reasons, TikTok bans content related to pornography, sexual activities, or nudity. So, beware if you are posting such content. Because if someone red flags it, or TikTok algorithms find it on the application itself, get ready for TikTok shadowban. Past posting by mistake might result in a temporary shadowban. However, if you repeat posting such content, it will get you permanently banned.

4 Possible Ways to Remove the Chances of TikTok Shadowban

There are several ways to remove possible changes of getting shadowbanned on TikTok. Some of the main ones are mentioned below.

Solution #1: Check Community Guidelines Again

See if the community guidelines are violated by any chance or not. It means your content by mistake is marked because of going against the terms and guidelines. The easiest way to determine if you have mistakenly violated the policies is by reviewing the guidelines again. Just to maintain the profile from shadowbanning, write those guidelines in points and stick it on the wall of your workstation or place from you create content for TikTok.

Solution #2: Uninstall and Reinstall TikTok Application

At times, caches are why you get shadowbanned on TikTok. For that, you should remove violating content, and all that can be the cause of shadowban. However, simultaneously, you should uninstall the application from the device. Once it is uninstalled, install it back into the device. This action will help you clean the cache and see an increase in engagement rate, etc.

Solution #3: Stop Shady and Spammy Behavior on TikTok

Remember, it is not always the use or sharing of content that is not allowed. Sometimes, your behavior becomes the reason for the ban on TikTok. So, to maintain the good health of your TikTok account, which helps you gain popularity, etc., it is important to act human. Yes, third-party bots work in a certain way – likes, shares, and comments on posts in bulk. That gives the impression to the TikTok algorithms that you are not a human. Avoiding such activities and behavior will keep you away from getting shadowbanned on TikTok.

Solution #4: Removal of Profane Posts on TikTok

Removing posts that violate the guidelines will help you avoid getting TikTok shadowbanned. Consider yourself lucky to get a reminder or notification from TikTok by being red-flagged. It means you will be told explicitly about using someone else’s intellectual property.

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