Twitter Spaces | Everything You Need Know


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Twitter Spaces | Everything You Need Know

Twitter Spaces

With over 3.5 billion active users, Twitter is one of the most sought-after social media platforms out there. Known for its character-limited tweets, Twitter is especially popular among Gen-Z so much so that recent studies indicate that it is growing 30% faster than Instagram.

Realizing the modern generation’s social media requirements, Twitter recently introduced its new audio feature called “Twitter Spaces”. It is actually a brand new way to have live audio conversations on Twitter. Through Spaces, you can host, join, and listen to live video conversations.

In this handy guide, we’ll enrich your knowledge about each and every aspect related to Twitter Spaces. So without beating around the bush, let’s get started!

What Are Twitter Spaces?

As officially advertised, “Twitter Spaces is where live audio conversations happen”. To host a Space, you need to have at least 600 followers on Twitter. However, any Twitter user can join your Space as a listener, including people who don’t follow you. Currently, you can host a Twitter Space only through the iOS and Android applications of Twitter.

Why Should You Use Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces can greatly contribute to your online success, especially if you are an influencer, a celebrity, or a business tycoon. Let’s find out how:

1. Real-time Engagement

Twitter Spaces enables real-time audio conversations, allowing users to instantaneously interact with other participants. It is a more instant and dynamic way to communicate with your followers rather than traditional text-based tweets. This entire experience builds a sense of community and fosters meaningful conversations about specific topics among people.

2. Enhanced Visibility

When it comes to communicating your message to a large audience, Twitter Spaces really serves the purpose. With Spaces, your message can reach billions of Twitter users, not just your followers. All in all, by using Twitter Spaces, you get the opportunity to convey your perspective to a wide range of people of different backgrounds.

Networking Opportunities

Twitter Spaces can serve as a robust networking tool. It allows you to connect with industry professionals, thought leaders, and like-minded individuals. Over and above that, you find an avenue for meaningful interactions, collaborations, and relationship building. You can use Spaces for various purposes, including hosting panel discussions, interviews, and virtual events.

How To Find Twitter Spaces?

You can explore the live Spaces of the people you follow, highlighted in purple color, at the top of your timeline. And can either join them either from there or via any of the following ways:

  1. Getting an invitation link for the Space through DM.
  2. Finding a tweet with a Twitter Space link in it.
  3. Use the Spaces Tab, available in the Twitter app.

How Do Twitter Spaces Work?

When you host a Space, you can control pretty much everything, including who’s speaking, the topic, and blocking anyone who’s causing trouble.

How To Host a Space?

How To Host a Space

There are two ways to start a Space:

Method #1: Long-press the compose button and then select the new Spaces icon, appearing on the left side.

Spaces icon

Method #2: Tap on your DP (Display Picture) in Fleets, scroll to the right, and choose Spaces.

Once Space starts, you can begin speaking on any topic of your choice. In addition, you can also invite other people to speak in the Space by granting them speaking privileges. Your mic will be off when you first host your Space. Once you’re ready, tap Start your Space to start speaking.

Tap on your DP (Display Picture) in Fleets

Can I control who speaks?

Yeah. Twitter gives you the ability to control who can join your Space with speaking privileges. You can make it happen by choosing from:

  • Everyone
  • People you follow
  • Only people you invite to speak

Note: You have the option to change speaking privileges for any of the speakers anytime.

Can I control who listens?

No. That is because Spaces are public as of now and anyone can join. When you start a Space, Twitter shows it to your followers in their Fleets.

However, Twitter gives the host option to block or report any user in a Space.

How to Schedule a Space

How to Schedule a Space

Yes, you can do it. In fact, scheduling a Space in advance provides you with sufficient time to promote your upcoming conversation. To schedule a Space:

  1. Long-press the compose button on the Home screen, then tap on the Spaces icon.
tap on the Spaces icon

2. Name your Space (You can select up to three relevant topics)

 Name your Space

3. Tap on the Clock icon to select a date and time for your Space.

select a date and time for your Space

Note: At the moment, Twitter allows scheduling of the Spaces for a maximum of 30 days in advance. Moreover, you can schedule up to 10 Spaces at a time.

What are Twitter Ticketed Spaces?

Same to the YouTube Monetization program, Twitter Ticketed Spaces allows creators (hosts of the Spaces) to generate revenue but the process is a bit different. In addition to hosting Spaces that are free to access, Twitter allows its users to host Ticketed Spaces to charge an admission fee from the participants.

Participants of a particular Ticketed Space purchase tickets to join it and then Twitter pays up to 97% of the revenue earned to the Space host. The price of the tickets for Ticketed Spaces is set by the creators of the Ticketed Spaces.

How to Create Ticketed Spaces on Twitter?

To be a creator of Ticketed Spaces, you:

  • Must be 18 years old.
  • Have at least 1000 active followers.
  • Must have hosted a minimum of 3 (Free) Spaces within the last 30 days.

Once you sort out that you fulfill the above-mentioned requirements, apply for being the creator of Ticketed Spaces. It is critical to mention here that you still might not be accepted as a host of Ticketed Spaces by Twitter.

Wrapping Up

Twitter Spaces is a game-changing feature that brings live audio conversations to the forefront of the Twitter experience. It is a powerful tool to spark discussions, foster engagement, and expand one’s reach on one of the most popular social media platforms. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring Twitter Spaces today and unlock a new dimension of interaction and engagement.

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