Optimize Your Campaign: Simple Steps for TikTok Ads Setup


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Optimize Your Campaign: The Top 06 Simple Steps for TikTok Ads Setup

Optimize Your Campaign The Top 06 Simple Steps for TikTok Ads Setup

In 2024, TikTok has become the most influential social media platform. The idea of its increasing popularity can be taken from the fact that the platform reached 1.2 billion monthly active users in 2024. However, the application is operational in 160 countries worldwide.

Besides this, it has also been revealed that the estimated TikTok ad reach has touched around 885 million people. Moreover, it is still the most popular platform among Gen Z and millennial generations. These are a few notable reasons encouraging businesses to invest in TikTok marketing.

Join us in this comprehensive guide to learn how to run TikTok ads. Also, explore the best practices, to create a more optimized TikTok ad campaign.

What are TikTok ads?

Let’s begin our journey to optimize the TikTok ad campaign by understanding what the TikTok ads are. TikTok ads are the promoted content across the platform.

TikTok ads are usually full-screen video content that businesses and creators show to their specific audience on TikTok. The primary aim of running TikTok ads is to spread awareness about brands or sell particular services or products.

When it comes to talking TikTok ads, there are three basic levels of organizations to keep in mind and these include the following:

  • TikTok simple ad: This is a single ad option used to promote a particular product or service on TikTok.
  • TikTok ad group: A collection of TikTok ads is called a TikTok ad group.
  • TikTok ad campaign: A TikTok ad campaign comprised of a collection of TikTok ad groups.

What are the common types of TikTok ads?

TikTok provides brands or creators with a variety of TikTok advertising options on the platform.

It allows users to choose the most appropriate style of ad according to their needs, helping them better target their audience.

Below are the common ad types or formats to advertise your business or content on TikTok:

  • In-feed video ad: This type of ad appears among TikTok’s native news feed – on the For You page of users.
  • Spark ads: TikTok introduced this ad in 2021, allowing businesses to sponsor notable organic content relating to their products.
  • Brand takeover: This TikTok ad allows advertisers to dominate the conversation by displaying their message over the entire screen. The ad primarily appears on the full-screen for a few seconds and is then converted into an in-feed video ad.
  • Video ads: These are full-screen video ads. The TikTok ad length for this format is up to 60 seconds and appears in the For You feed of users.
  • Image ads: TikTok image ads appear in the video content via TikTok’s news feed apps.
  • Carousel ads: This ad contains up to 10 images and appears in the news feed apps of the platform.
  • Hashtag challenge: This type of ad appears in the discovery section of the platform, encouraging users’ participation.
  • Sponsored influence content: In this method, advertisers display their message through sponsored content via an influential TikTok creator.
  • Branded AR content: It helps advertisers display their ads as branded lenses, stickers, and other formats of AR content, allowing TikTok users to use them in their content.

06 simple steps to set up TikTok ads?


We have covered the topics, including what TiKTok ads are and their possible formats or types to display over the app. Now, is the time to start creating TikTok ads. So, let’s begin learning how to create a TikTok ad in simple steps:

1. Start with creating a business account

To use TikTok for business, the first step is to start creating a TikTok business account or ad manager account. In the ads manager account, you will be asked to put your billing region or country. After this, you need to select the account type – individual or business account. Now click on Next.

In the next section, you will be asked to put your basic information, including your email address and password. You will receive a verification code via the provided email address. You can also get a sign-in code through your mobile phone instead.

Now, submit that you agree to the terms and conditions then click on the Sign-up button. Once, your account is approved log in to your TikTok account manager dashboard to finish the account setup. Now, you are ready to create ads on TikTok according to your preferences.

2. Create Pixels in TikTok ad manager

Here we would like to inform you that you need to create and install TikTok Pixel. Pixel is a piece of code on your website that collects data about site events. This data includes the users reaching your website, their location, and about devices they are using.

First, set up a web event in your TikTok ads manager. Now select developer mode or standard mode to create Pixel. Before deploying your account’s pixel, ensure that you review your cookie consent settings. Now, copy the pixel code and end the process by pasting it into your website’s header.

3. Create a new ad campaign

Now, is the time to create a new ad campaign. Go to the account manager select the campaigns category and then click on the create button. After this, give your campaign a name and then set a budget for your campaign.

While setting a lifetime budget, you can easily reach as many like-minded users as possible. However, setting up a daily budget will allow you to reach your targetted audience gradually and persistently.

4. Establish an ad group

Once the ad campaign has been created, this is time to establish an ad group. Creating an ad group comprises five simple stages. At first, you need to choose the promotional goal or type. Your promotional type can either be the app or website.

In the second stage, you need to select the ad placement. It determines where your ads will be displayed. The third step is about selecting your creative type. For this purpose, you need to turn on the Automated Creative Optimization.

The very next step will ask you to put information about your targetted audience. The last step is to select a delivery type. Generally, there are two types of content delivery, including standard delivery and accelerated delivery.

5. Create a new ad

After establishing your ad group, you will be allowed to configure your first TikTok ad. In the creative section, you will be asked to upload a video or image as your ad content.

For the best results, TikTok suggests you choose the set TikTok video ad specifications. You can customize the ad according to your needs. Then, TikTok allows you to add a call to action button and preview your ad. The provided call-to-action buttons include Sign Up, Learn More, Apply Now, Download Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Shop Now, and more.

6. Submit your add and measure performance

Once you are satisfied with your ad after the preview, you can submit your ad. Remember that your duty does not end with creating and submitting the TikTok ad.

The actual task starts after this. You need to evaluate your ad performance regularly. Gathering the performance will help you examine what can you most easily accomplish by advertising on TikTok.

The best TikTok advertising practices

So, you have learned the best practice to create and publish ads on TikTok. Now, you must learn the best practices for better advertising on TikTok. Below are the strategies suggested by experts to optimize your TikTok ads.

1. Show relevancy

Stay relevant is the basic term to optimize your ad campaign on TikTok. The social media users always show respect for authenticity. Advertisers must ensure that their ad content is completely branding or true to their organizations’ values.

2. Be direct

Being direct to users helps get better results. TikTok allows advertisers to display a 60-second ad. However, ad content between 21 and 34 seconds is considered ideal for boosting conversations.

3. Create vertical content

Video ads with vertical orientation perform well on the platform. So, to get maximum benefits ensure that you are displaying a vertical format video ad on TikTok.

4. Choose text and sounds wisely

Your ad sound and text play a pivotal role in grabbing the attention of potential users. Choose the sounds that are trending on TikTok and show relevancy to your brands. Also, add captions that are compelling enough to stop users from scrolling or skipping your ad.

The closing statement

Ready to show your business influence on the TikTok community? That sounds like a true determination. The given guide will help you accomplish your determination. Follow this guide properly before creating and uploading your TikTok ads. However, you must also add the discussed TikTok ad strategy to optimize your ad campaign on the platform.

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