Snapchat Solar System: Complete Guide to Snapchat Plus Planets


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Snapchat Plus Planets: Meaning, Solar System Order, Complete Guide

Snapchat Plus Planets- Meaning-Solar System Order - Complete Guide

One of the most used applications, Snapchat, rolled out a paid, yes premium, version. Like any other application, this too wanted to serve something special with unique features for those who are hooked to the use of this application. Now, Snapchat has two versions – OG (original) and + (Snapchat Plus).

The main difference between the original and versions of Snapchat is the pack of emojis you receive. For example, Snapchat solar system or Snapchat planets emojis.

Let’s see what is in this blog.

A Brief Introduction to Snapchat +

Snapchat Plus is accessed only after paying the subscription charges. Like any other premium application, Snapchat Plus also has additional features. For the monthly charges for iOS and Android devices, you have to pay a total of $3.99, which is almost four dollars. However, when you opt for a six-month plan, the fee is $21.99, which is almost twenty-two dollars. Interestingly, annually Snapchat Plus is $3.99 for 30 days, $21.99 for 182.5 days or six months, and $39.99 annually. You can also try a free version for a week which is equal to 7 days.

What is the Snapchat Solar System?

We all want something special to represent friendship, right? Let it be in real or in virtual space; the feeling of being someone exceptional is just a wow. Keeping this in mind, Snapchat’s best friends determine the bond you and the other person possess.

Snapchat solar system is a fancy way of telling the world about the closeness you and the other user hold. Also, it is one of the interesting ways to find friends on Snapchat.
The way the Snapchat solar system works is pretty enticing. Snapchat doesn’t show all friends as the closest ones. Instead, it selects only eight friends and allocates them to a planet, establishing an idea regarding the level of friendship.

So, the entire idea of assigning planets is to tell Snapchat users about the ones you have been sharing and chatting with the most.

The Snapchat Planet Order

The Snapchat Planet Order

All right, since you know the fundamentals of Snapchat’s best friends’ planets, here are the planets and their truest symbolism on friendship.

Planet #1: Mercury

Sun and Mercury are the closest plants. It displays affection with the user. Interestingly, it is the closest person, rather than a friend, on Snapchat. You shared a significant number of snaps and chats with this person. Not only that, you have been in touch with this person daily, and that calls for a treat. So, Snapchat plus planet order starts with the nearest planet, Mercury. The indication of Mercury is a pink-colored planet with a few red hearts.

Planet #2: Venus

This Snapchat planet order comes second in line with the depiction of being the second-most favorite person. Hence, with this person you have shared a considerable number of snaps and chats but not to the point that they may stand first. That’s why your friend’s name is displayed on your second close friend. Also, when it comes to friendships on Snapchat, they are based on your streaks, pictures shared, etc. It doesn’t mean you are the best friend of your friend too. The indication of Venus on Snapchat’s best friend planet is three hearts (pink, yellow, and blue) with a beige world.

Planet #3: Earth

The person you managed to share the most snaps and chats with is Earth. But the number of snaps and chats is a bit lesser as compared to Venus. The person with two planets (blue and green) with a moon and a couple of red hearts is your third best friend. It means you are not as good of a friend as Venus or Mercury, but still, Earth is your go-to person after these two planets.

Planet #4: Mars

Next is Mars, the best symbol of masculinity and comes after Earth. It means the person with this planet on his username is your fourth most essential and favorite person; yes, a friend. This planet indicates loyalty and comes with hearts (red and purple) around a planet of purple color.

Planet #5: Jupiter

In the Snapchat planet order and otherwise, Jupiter comes fifth in the queue. It means the number of snaps and chats is fewer than the planets mentioned above. Also, it indicates a planet with an orange color. Sorry to say, there are no hearts on the planet, though. It means with less friendship, there are no hearts at all!

Planet #6: Saturn

In the sixth number, we have Saturn, which symbolizes time and the perfect time to sow seed. It means the significance of Saturn in Snapchat plus planet order is of seed which grows with time. What does Saturn mean to your friendship in the world of Snapchat? Well, it represents your friendship with the other person as the sixth most important person. Also, you can quickly know the level of goodwill by the yellow-colored planet. However, there are no stars but a ring.

Planet #7: Uranus

Uranus is the 7th planet of the Snapchat solar system and comes with just a green planet. There is no heart, but it means you are friends with someone with the seventh most interaction. It means your connection with this person was real and happening, yet not so much that it can stand out amongst the crowd. Likewise, it is better than Neptune but not as impressive as Earth, Mars, or Mercury.

Planet #8: Neptune

The 8th planet order Snapchat is Neptune. It comes in the eighth number because the person who gets the blue planet with literally no hearts or rings is the least favorite among other friends. It doesn’t mean you hate them, but the person who gets the blue planet is with whom you haven’t had enough interactions or exchanges of snaps.

Color Representation of Snapchat Solar System

Colors are the actual demonstration of feelings and stature. For example, when it comes to anger, the face turns red, just like Snapchat emojis. Likewise, the Snapchat solar system has colors that tell a fortune about the feelings and statuses of friendships.

Enlisted below are eight planets with their color symbolism.

Mercury is always gray

Venus has two colors – gray and brown

Earth comes in four colors – white, blue, green, and brown

Mars has three colors – tan, red, and brown

Jupiter is the most interesting one, with four colors – white, brown, tan, and orange

Saturn again has four colors – golden, blue, gray, and brown

Neptune is simple with two colors – green and blue

Uranus is forever blue

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: Are Snapchat planets for regular users on the original version?

Snapchat Plus Planet Order is the only version that offers this feature. The original one doesn’t come with a Snapchat solar system.

Question #2: What is Snapchat Plus, and why is it essential to install this version?

Press the badge to see where you stand on the solar system Snapchat. Each planet signifies the importance of the other person as a best friend. In other words, after tapping on the badge, you will see where you stand as a best friend on someone’s list. For instance, if you are an Earth and your friend is Sun, it means you are the third best friend on Snapchat.

Question #3: What should I do when the Snapchat solar system doesn’t work?

First of all, to know if your Snapchat solar system is not working, you have to see your best friend’s account. In case you see a gold ring, it means your Snapchat solar system is working pretty fine. However, if that is not the case, your Snapchat Plus solar system is not working. Somehow, there are situations and conditions in which you are not able to see the golden ring because you are not the other person’s best friend yet. Also, it would help if you had linked Bitmoji to see the Snapchat solar system friendship.

Question #4: What is the Snapchat planet order?

Following is the way Snapchat plus planet order appears. Mercury is the first planet. Then comes Venus, Earth, and Mars, after which Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune come in too.

Takeaways: Snapchat Planet Order and its Meaning

It is indeed the most exciting and funny way to determine friendship status on Snapchat. With these representations, you can quickly assess the number of shares and chats with the other person. Mercury is the planet you see on the username when the chats and snaps have been shared the most. Likewise, Neptune comes in the 8th number and has a minor interaction.

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