What is Snapchat Logo?


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What is Snapchat Logo?

What is Snapchat Logo

Can you guess which application has captured the hearts of millions? Let us give you a hint. It is the one where people share pictures. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the famous—Snapchat.

With its interesting and exciting features, Snapchat has built and established its connection with us in every aspect of our online lives. But have you ever thought about how and what the story is behind the mysterious yellow ghost that appears on your app’s icon? If not, then we hope we have put you into our thoughts by now.

Prepare to have your curiosity break as we reveal the captivating tale behind this famous symbol that took the world of social media by storm. Read on to explore the facts about the Snapchat logo and uncover its secrets.

The Presence of “Ghost” on the Snapchat Logo

Are you prepared to learn the truth about this extremely popular app’s decision to use a ghost as its logo? Let’s dive in!

i.History of “Ghost” in the Logo

The Snapchat ghost’s history originates with its beginnings. In 2011, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown, and Evan Spiegel created Snapchat as a social media platform for people to share timed and temporary images and videos.

The element of temporariness is what explains the ghostly sign. In simpler words, the ghost embodied the fleeting nature of the images and videos shared through and across this platform.

The ghost also referred to as the “Ghostface Chillah,” has come to symbolize the Snapchat brand. But you might still be wondering—why a ghost? The truth is not as eerie as you may assume. It perfectly captures the app’s lively and lighthearted nature.

The content uploaded on Snapchat is brief, only existing for a limited amount of time before disappearing into the digital ruins, just like a ghost could appear and go in an instant.

The ghost’s sneaky grin also captures the playful, carefree spirit of Snapchat. Users are urged to embrace their fun side, play around with different lenses and filters, and create special memories to share with friends through the app.

The Snapchat ghost has developed through time and undergone modest changes, including the addition of sunglasses, jewelry, and even several animated forms. The logo is kept updated by these changes while still retaining its essential qualities.

ii. The Background in Detail

The concept of Snapchat started out as “Picaboo.” The platform allowed users to send self-destructing images, and it soon drew the attention of its initial user. However, the app fully took off when it was relaunched under the name of “Snapchat.”

Snapchat’s emphasis on temporariness was its distinguishing characteristic. The idea of permanence that dominates other social media sites was put to the test by the ability for users to send photographs and videos that vanished after a defined time. The younger population, who valued privacy and spontaneous, unrestricted data connected with this unique idea of the app.

The app’s founders encountered difficulties and controversy as its popularity grew. Reggie Brown sued Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel in 2013 because he was wrongfully fired from the company. When the case was finally resolved, Brown got a significant financial settlement.

However, Snapchat didn’t let failures stop it from innovating. In 2013, it launched Stories, which let users post a 24-hour-long collection of images and videos. This feature made the app much more appealing and set the route for its rapid growth.

Due to Snapchat’s success, other online companies showed interest in buying the company. Among these companies, the most notable Facebook, attempted to buy the app in 2013 for an astounding $3 billion. Uninterested in this offer, Spiegel and his team were optimistic about Snapchat’s future.

Different Logos of Snapchat from 2011 till Present Times (2023)

Different Logos of Snapchat from 2011 till Present Times

i.Snapchat Logo During 2011-2013

The Snapchat logo experienced a few changes in its early years, between 2011 and 2013. The initial logo was a rough representation of a ghost called the “Ghostface Chillah.” The ghost was spherical, with two big eyes, and a little smile on its face. It had a yellow background with a white main color. The logo had some slight modifications throughout the years, including changes to the ghost’s form and attributes. The yellow ghost evolved into an instantly recognizable symbol for the app, but the basic design stayed the same. The Snapchat logo, according to co-founder Evan Spiegel, was created on his computer in his bedroom. He finished the now-famous ghost-shaped figure in just one evening.

ii. Snapchat Logo During 2013-2019

The Snapchat logo changed multiple times between 2013 and 2019. In 2013, a white ghost’s simple form on a yellow background served as the logo. The logo’s design has seen small alterations over time, with the ghost’s face getting additional details and expressions. However, 2015 saw the ghost’s appearance round out and develop a slight grin. Eventually, the logo underwent a big change in 2016 with the addition of a cleaner, more stylized ghost shape and a bolder, more vivid yellow color.

The ghost in the 2016 version seemed more certain and had a cheeky smile and a thicker outline. Up until 2019, when Snapchat unveiled a more straightforward and basic logo, this design stayed mostly untouched. In 2019, however, the yellow tint grew softer and more subdued, and the ghost was reduced to a simple outline without facial features. This minimalist style reflected a move in favor of a more refined appearance.

iii. Snapchat Logo from 2019 to Present

The Snapchat logo has experienced slight but observable alterations from 2019 until the present. The logo’s design has been enhanced and modernized. The ghost has a huge, more streamlined contour that gives it a more sophisticated look. The ghost’s face has also grown more symmetrical and slightly rounder. The bright and captivating yellow color that has long been associated with Snapchat is still present.

Frequently Asked Questions

i.Why is the Snapchat logo a ghost?

To represent the brief and temporary nature of the content exchanged on the site, the Snapchat logo is a ghost. It symbolizes the element of disappearance in the images and videos that users send. Users are encouraged to embrace their enthusiastic side and create special moments that disappear like that of a ghost.

ii. Why did Snapchat change its logo?

Snapchat constantly updated its logo to improve its visual identity and keep up with changing trends. The modification helped maintain the familiar ghost logo while offering an attractive, simplified appearance. The modification mirrored the app’s development and adaptation to the constantly changing digital environment.

iii. What was the first logo of Snapchat?

Picaboo was the initial Snapchat logo design introduced in 2011. CEO Evan Spiegel created the initial version of the Snapchat logo in a private space. He went with a bright yellow and white combination. A smiling ghost on a white sheet served as the inspiration for his initial Snapchat logo design.

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