How to Use AI for Instagram Marketing


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How to Use AI for Instagram Marketing: 08 Growth Strategies

How to Use AI for Instagram Marketing 08 Growth Strategies

As the rise of cutting-edge AI tools is permeating the digital market, strategizing your social media marketing has become more efficient. It’s been predicted that the worth of the AI market for social media will reach around $12 billion by 2031.

Are you an Instagram creator, aspiring to enhance your productivity and attain greater outputs shortly? Unlock the full potential of AI to create quality and captivating content as an Instagram creator.

In this post, we are going to explain what AI tools are for social media marketing and how creators can use them to run a thriving Instagram marketing campaign. So, let’s embark on a journey to unlock the success doors of your digital endeavors.

The best use of AI for Instagram marketing


The AI tools have evolved to unprecedented heights, setting a multitude of creating knacks at your fingertip.

From creating eye-catching captions to long-form content, designing visually aesthetic images, and crafting customized videos, elevating every aspect of your content is effortlessly approachable.

What you need to do is seize control by mastering these tools, and reclaiming your time to invest in more impactful endeavors. Here are some examples of how AI can lend a helping hand in uplifting your Instagram content strategy to the new peaks.

1. Find the targeted audience

Finding the right or targeted audience is the key for creators to become more influential profiles on Instagram. Struggling with finding the targetted audience? Fret not, as AI has overcome the challenge.

Almost 71% of consumers declared that they look for more personalized content. However, 76% stated that they become frustrated with companies focusing on generating ordinary campaigns. With the help of AI tools, developing a deeper understanding of your audience has now become more effective than before.

You can use an AI tool, like Mention to understand what people say about your brands. The tool also helps find crucial hashtags and strategies for successful Instagram marketing. Another tool, helps you know what your competitors are doing on the platform, enabling you to create more accurate marketing strategies.

2. Content creation

For every single social media marketing campaign, content creation is the basic requirement. Are you afraid of creating compelling captions, bringing more versatile ideas, and finding trendy hashtags and keywords? Worry not, as AI tools have got you covered.

There are plenty of social media management AI tools available that help you create ideas, captions, and even long-form optimized content. ChatGPT is an example of the most powerful and user-friendly AI content-generating tool.

Whether you are lack ideas, unable to write captivating captions, or fail to generate optimized descriptions, ChatGPT is handy for overcoming all challenges. Other examples of such AI tools include JasperAI, Owlywriter, Bard, and others.

3. Create visually compelling content

Do you want to create visually compelling images to deliver your audience more fascinating content? Remove the signs of worries now, as there are AI photos Instagram tools assisting creators with end-to-end visual content creation.

Looking to create stunning images and meaningful cover photos for your Instagram stories and feeds, Midjourney is your companion in this task. Are you facing complicated editing projects? Say thanks to Canva AI photo editing features, making things more seamless for creators.

With many other AI on Instagram tools, you can remove backgrounds, enhance image quality, and understand which color palette compositions appeal to your targetted audience. Examples of such tools include Fotor, Autoenhanceai, and Cortex respectively.

4. Automating your task

The Instagram algorithm aims to promote profiles that are regular on the platform and actively engage in uploading quality content. Being active on social media and uploading posts or stories daily may sometimes be challenging.

There come social media AI automation tools. Yes! There are plenty of tools that help creators automate their tasks. With the help of these tools, you can schedule the posts that will automatically be published at the set time.

The best Instagram AI post schedulers recommended by marketing professionals may include SocialPilot, Buffer, Later, Hootsuite, and others. Despite scheduling your Instagram posts more effectively, these tools also help you perform many other tasks. They are available in both free versions and paid subscriptions.

5. Create voiceovers

For creators who do not have a good command of creating voice to narrate their content, AI voiceover generators help them make their video content more lively. Tools like Murf help users create pleasant voices expressing a specific tone or mood.

Generating video content with voiceovers has a great impact compared to videos with captions and background music only. Users love to stay over the content they can easily comprehend, generating voice-over makes it possible.

The good thing about these software or tools is that you can choose a specific voice or tone from different narrators. Some are user-friendly enough, asking you to put your script and select the narrators, and your speech is just ready to use.

6. Customize your video content

For creators involved in generating video content on social media, Instagram AI video customization tools are the perfect solution for them. AI video generating and editing tools, like Adobe Premier Pro, Peech, Invedio, and others can help creators edit, transcribe, repurpose, and brand their videos

7. Convert your script into a video

Many AI video editing software or tools can convert your script into videos. If you have no mastery in creating or editing videos, you can easily generate relevant videos within no time. Experts suggest creating a script from any AI chat tool and then converting it into a video format.

You need to give the proper command to the video-generating software or tools to bring more accuracy to your video content. Remember that your content must reflect the services or your brand. Consequently, users will memorize your content and brand for a long time.

8. Progress evaluation for better results

While running your marketing campaign on social media platforms, like Instagram, evaluating your progress is crucial. Evaluating the progress helps you know where you are doing good and what areas of improvement you need to cover to bring potential results.

AI Instagram growth tools, like Acrolix and related, crawl your content to let you know whether your content perfectly aligns with your brands or not. At the same time, the tools also allow you to choose specific tone, grammar, style, and region-specific language.

Other examples of AI social media content evaluation tools are Brandwatch and others. These tools work based on AI-generated insights, statistics, and complex aggregation. Thus, they help you create more organized and optimized content for better reach and results on Instagram.

The closing statement

Based on the recent or current trends in the digital landscape, we have seen AI grow at a large scale. Because of its remarkable results, AI has emerged immensely in social media marketing trends today.

Take help from the above-discussed tools to bring versatility, quality, and credibility, to your content to run a successful Instagram content strategy in 2024. Seize a good proficiency and understanding of the AI Instagram tools and implement them accurately, bringing more efficient results.

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