How to Unlock Your Snapchat Account: A Step-by-Step Guide


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How to Unlock Your Snapchat Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you unable to send your best moments with your friends through Snapchat streaks or watch theirs? That sounds annoying. Well, there may be some reasons rendering your account to be locked.

Want to reactivate your Snapchat account to restart your streaks and conversations with your friends and other acquainted? Do not be worried. Here we come up with viable fixes for you.

This article is a detailed account of the factors affecting your Snapchat account to be locked. You can also find the possible Snapchat-locked account categories. Above all, the article showcases the possible solutions to unlock all the Snapchat-locked account categories. So, let’s begin reactivating your Snapchat account here:

What causes your Snapchat account to be locked?

Like every other social media channel, Snapchat has its terms of use and privacy policies. When users break any of the rules or go against the terms of use, Snapchat may block their accounts.

Several reasons are counting as the disobedience of Snapchat policies and the following are the notable ones, causing your account to be locked:

1. Installation of third-party apps or plugins

When users use authorized third-party apps or plugins to get access to the platform, it may lock the profile for 24 hours. When you face any trouble before attempting to log back into your Snapchat account, ensure you uninstall the third-party modifications. When users do not bother to this indication, Snapchat may permanently ban their account, which will be unable to recover in the future.

2. Abusive behaviour or language

Snapchat aims to deliver a positive user experience to all of its users. When users perform any abusive act, including sending unsolicited snaps or messages and spamming other users, Snapchat may lock their accounts. Depending upon the nature of the violations, the platform may imprison users for a day or longer.

3. Any suspicious activity

Snapchat requires users’ verification with an email address or phone number while creating an account. When users do not verify their identity, the platform may find them as suspicious accounts, leading to locking their accounts. All users must complete this mandatory action until Snapchat allows them to return to their profiles.

Snapchat locked account categories?

Depending upon the conditions and gravity of violations committed by users, Snapchat categorized the process to ban an account into different categories. The platform may temporarily ban your account, display it as a compromised user, or permanently lock it:

1. Temporarily locked Snapchat account

When you log in to your Snapcahat account and receive a notification indicating that you have to wait for at least 24 hours before attempting to sign in once more, it’s most probable that Snapcahat has disabled your account temporarily.

To prevent the situation being worse, you must be cautious before taking further actions. If you do not take care of the policies proposed by the platform, the temporarily disabled account may lead to be permanently locked.

2. Compromised Snapchat account

When the platform detects that the safety of an account has been compromised, it automatically disables the account, placing it under the category of a compromised account. A compromised Snapchat account may recover easily when users reset their password.

In some severe cases, users may be required to send an email to the Snapchat team to send them a Snapchat unlock request. To avoid being a compromised user, you must check all the safety measures of your account. Do not share your credentials with others or avoid logging your account in from different devices.

3. Permanently locked Snapchat account

In some cases, the Snapchat team may detect some severe activities from your account, leading to permanently locking your profile. Once your account is permanently locked, it may be deleted from the platform. In such a scenario, the support team may be unable to recover your account.

Whenever you receive a message that the Snapchat team is unable to unlock your profile, you may not have the chance to use it again. This is the time to create a new account.

While creating a new account, ensure that you follow all the terms and conditions, and avoid all the activities that may make your presence suspicious on the platform.

How to unlock a temporarily locked Snapchat account?

If Snapchat sent you a notification indicating that your account is temporarily locked, you can recover it by following the given simple steps:

Step 1: Open any web browser and visit the Snapchat account unlock section through the given link.

Step 2: There you will find a page where you will be asked to enter a username or email, of the account you want to unlock. You can also run the process by adding your phone number instead.

enter a username or email

Step 3: In the next section or page, you need to enter your password in the said area.

enter your password

Step 4: Here, you will be asked to verify your identity that you are not a robot. Tick the checkbox and provide whatever information you will be asked to verify your identity.

Step 5: Once the verification is done, you need to click on the Log-in button.

 click on the Log-in button

Step 6: By continuing the process, you will find a button for the Snapchat unlock account. Click on the button to hopefully get your Snapchat account back.

click on the unlock snapchat button

Once, the unlocking process is successful, you will also be able to log in back to your profile via mobile application. Snapchat will notify you that your account is unlocked via message or email.

However, if you do not receive any notification or are still unable to access your account, you may have another chance to unlock your profile after a certain time.

Contact the support team to unlock a temporarily locked Snapchat account

If you are not satisfied with the above process and looking for another more convenient way to recover a temporarily locked Snapchat account, you can go through the second option – contact the Snapchat support team. Follow the given steps to contact the support team:

Step 1: Go to the Snapchat help center or customer support page.

contact Snapchat help center

Step 2: Now, click on I can’t access my account.

click on I can’t access my account

Step 3: There you will find many other options under, Oh No! Tell us more section. There you may click on the category, I think my account was hacked.

I think my account was hacked

Step 4: Now, click on Need help with something else.

Step 5: There you will find a form on a screen indicating to enter your account’s basic information, including username, email, and phone number.

Step 6: You need to explain your problem here. Request them to unlock my account and also ensure in this message that you will follow all the terms and conditions proposed by the platform.

Step 7: Now, click on the submit button to deliver your proposal to the Snapchat support team and they will respond to you shortly with their decision.

 click on the submit button

How to unlock a compromised Snapchat account?

If Snapchat locks your profile by indicating that your security has been compromised, you can unlock your profile by following the mentioned easiest guide:

Step 1: Reach out to the Snapchat customer support team by visiting the customer support section.

Reach out to the Snapchat customer support team

Step 2: You will find different queries here related to Snapchat account problems. Click on, I think my account was compromised.

Click on i think my account was compromised

Step 3: A contact form requiring specific information, including username, email, phone number, and description of issues will appear there. Describe the issue clearly that you are facing while logging in to your Snapchat account.

Step 4: Now, everything is done. You just need to send your query by clicking on the Send button. Wait for the support team’s decision. They will send you their response via email or text.

clicking on the Send button

How to unlock a permanently locked Snapchat account?

Users searching for a query on how to unlock a permanently locked Snapchat account are informed that once your Snapchat account is permanently locked, unfortunately, there is no option to recover it. However, you may still send an appeal to the Snapchat customer support team and request them to unlock your profile. The chances of recovery are less, but you still can try.

How to avoid locking your account on Snapchat?

If you have successfully unlocked your Snapchat account, then Congratulations! But, the story does not end here. There are some precautions or preventive measures you must follow to avoid getting your account compromised, temporarily, or permanently locked in the future.

All these measures are suggested by Snapchat officials or social media experts, follow them strictly to get a safe experience of using Snapchat:

  • Verify your identity through the email address and phone number on Snapchat. It will showcase you as the most trustworthy, loyal, and genuine user on the platform.
  • Do not use any third-party apps or plugins. You must use only Snapchat-authorised apps or plugins instead.
  • Strictly follow the rules and regulations imposed by the platform.
  • Ensure that you do not perform or indulge in any suspicious activity that goes against Snapchat’s community guidelines.
  • Avoid using your Snapchat account on different devices and keep changing its password frequently to avoid any safety issues.

The closing statement

With 750 million monthly active users, Snapchat stands as the 9th biggest social media channel in the world. The platforms’ functionalities, including streaks, spotlights, filters, music integration, and many others have made it an amazing social media app.

Facing problems like locking your profile is an annoying feeling. If, unfortunately, you have been facing the same problem, first of all, identify the Snapchat lock account category and then follow the given guides accordingly, resolving the issues promptly.

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