How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024- 08 Easy Ways


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How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024 – 08 Easy Ways

How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024 - 08 Easy Ways

Today, social media platforms are not a source of entertainment. They bring opportunities for creators to earn money instead. When it comes to talking about social media content creation or marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are the first names that come to mind.

Well, there is another platform that is less widely recognized but has the money-making potential. Yes! We are talking about Pinterest. With more than 482 million monthly active users, Pinterest can surely increase your earning capability.

So, if you are also curious about how to make money on Pinterest, keep reading this article. We have compiled the best and easiest ways to unlock your earning potential with Pinterest.

The easiest ways to start making money on Pinterest


Pinterest is a go-to source to find possible solutions. For example, it is home to countless cookie recipes, make-up tutorials, beauty and skincare ideas, last-minute gift ideas, and much more.
As the platform is rich in content and niches, it can help you earn a handsome amount when you use it in the right way. Here is how to earn money on Pinterest:

1. Earn through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become the most popular tactic for entrepreneurs and marketers looking to build passive income. An affiliate promotes others’ products and then earns a commission when someone purchases these products. Pinterest allows users to start affiliate marketing on the platform.
What you need to do is join an affiliate program, such as Amazon, and pin affiliate links on Pinterest. When people buy the products by using your pin, you will earn a set commission.
Ensure that your Pinterest account is active, and has a reasonable number of posts, and active followers on your account to get better results.

2. Convert traffic to your website or blog

People who do not want to join an affiliate program and have their website or eCommerce store, also have the chance to increase their business revenue.

Pinterest allows you to create a pin by inserting your blog or eCommerce store link or a specific product link into it. When users click on your pin they are directed toward your store or a specific product page, encouraging users to buy it.

To successfully use Pinterest for blogging, ensure that you create a pin in the relevant board and attract the related community. It will enhance the chances the customers will buy your products.

3. Sell your products

Do not have an eCommerce store or blog and are searching for how to make money on Pinterest without a blog? You are still in the contest. Yes! You can earn money on Pinterest by directly selling your services or products.

As we mentioned above Pinterest is a home to countless ideas or niches, people visit Pinterest to find their needy products. Pinterest revealed that 46% of weekly pinners discover new brands or products on the platform.

You can be the next brand that will be discovered by nearly half of the Pinterest users. Create quality and unique pins to get more discoverability over the platform. The more you appear in the relevant searches on Pinterest, the more you can earn through Pinterest.

4. Join the Pinterest Creator Fund

Pinterest creator fund is the best option for creators who want to grow and monetize their Pinterest presence. The Creator Fund program was launched by Pinterest in 2021. It helps creators grow and monetize their content.

Pinterest offers creators easy access to resources and brand partnership tools, enabling them to enhance their reach. To support a wide range of Pinterest creators, the platform announced an expansion to this program this year.

If you are a good creator with amazing content ideas, you can get the chance to join the Pinterest Creator Fund program. It will help you generate an easy passive income.

5. Create shoppable pins

For online shoppers and eCommerce stores, Pinterest comes with another amazing opportunity to increase their business sales. Pinterest allows the creation of shoppable pins.

The shoppable pin feature on Pinterest allows brands to list their products on the platform. Customers can easily interact with these pins to purchase without leaving the platform.

If you are an online shopper and want to create shoppable pins, you must start by applying a verified merchant program on the platform. It will help you become a trusted creator or brand on Pinterest, maximizing your business revenue.

6. Work for other businesses

If you are a social media marketing professional having a good command of Pinterest, you can earn money by managing the Pinterest business accounts of other brands.

As marketing professionals have skills and know the better use of the Pinterest business account, businesses hire them to increase their brand awareness on Pinterest. Many businesses or entrepreneurs are well aware of Pinterest’s benefits, but they do not have time to manage their presence on their own. They are always in need of professionals who can take their back.

Try to reach out to such businesses and send them your proposal, elaborating them how you can benefit their business. In return, you can make a good deal to earn additional revenue.

7. Use Pinterest ads to reach new customers

If you are new on the Pinterest platform and want to get instant recognition over the platform, you must go with Pinterest ads. Pinterest allows creators or businesses to run ads, helping them reach their targetted audience within no time.

As you get more customers quickly, you can easily enhance your revenue by selling directly through the channel or by converting your Pinterest audience to your website or eCommerce store.

You need to create compelling Pinterest ads, by targeting the right demographics. Try to convey the exact message to your audience, enabling them to comprehend your services accurately.

8. Become an influencer on Pinterest

Whether you are a creator or have a business presence on Pinterest, you can get the opportunity to become an influencer on the platform. When you get a reasonable amount of followers on Pinterest, you can endorse other brands or services to your audience. In return, you can get a handsome amount from those brands.

Searching for the query like How many followers do you need on Pinterest to make money as an influencer? Well, keep in mind that there is no specific rule to become an influencer on Pinterest.

If you have a particular amount of followers from a particular region, you can start influencer marketing for the audience of that specific area.

Start making money on Pinterest today!

We have discussed the best possible ways to earn a handsome amount while using Pinterest. Whether you are new and are searching for how to make money on Pinterest for beginners or have an established presence, there is something for everyone on Pinterest.
What you need is to choose the right way that suits you and start working on it. Remember that the results may take time to appear. So, you need to show patience and work consistently to make things possible.

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